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“I vow to never give up on myself because I am worth it. I have to remind myself to be patient since the pain is temporary. Every day I rise stronger and I am greater today for yesterday. This is my discipline this is ARFORSE.”


​“​Today was my family's 1st personal training session with trainer Tim Santiago at Arforse. It was my 1st time working with a trainer other than my ...husband so I was kind of nervous. We went at different times but our reports were all the same...WE LOVED IT! I've had a weak hand/arm since childhood & he's working those issues with me along with my fitness training needs and that means sooo much to me. The boys are so motivated now and that makes it all worth it. Thank you Tim for your understanding & patience. We'll see you Thursday!!"

Enid S.​ - Personal Training Client


“​I have known Tim for several years now, and had the pleasure of working out with him on multiple occasions. I don't know of a more well versed person in the sport, who is willing to share his insight, than Tim! His knowledge and personality are top notch, and you will not get a better experience anywhere else!

Greg C.​ - Personal Training Client


“I had the opportunity to train with Tim at Arforse 2x's this week already. Considering I have a commute, and not able to make this a daily commitment, Tim decided to focus on full body circuits to target every muscle group. The circuits were challenging & fun, let's not forget to mention, you can play your own music:). When you feel you need to quit, Tim will push you to the limit "one more". Tim not only is one of the best, qualified trainers I know, he will help you personally build your confidence to believe in yourself "Mind Control Starts with you". When joining a new facility you may have fear on where to begin, learning new equipment, adjusting to a new environment, whatever it may be for you, I assure you, Tim will make your experience full of excitement, trust and fully engage in the goal you are trying to achieve. Tim THANK YOU! I Look forward to our continued training session! In health!”​

Melissa G. - Small Group Training Client


“I'm not one to train with a personal trainer as I prefer working out alone. However, I decided to give it a chance and it was more that I had ever expected. Tim was great at assessing me, hearing more about my goals and tailoring the workout to truly benefit me. We did a lot of lower body work but also tied in core, arms and cardio for a full body workout. His passion for personal training and genuine interest in making others feel and look there best helped me to not give up and keep going. I can't wait to train with Tim again and get my body ready for the summer. ”​

Araceli F. - Personal Training Client​


"I was impressesd with the new equipment at the training studio, very clean location and AWESOME group training experience. I am certainly signing up for more group and 1 on 1 personal training. Thank You...Arforse ...The Best!" 

Jenn R. - Small Group and Personal Training Client​


"I went to Arforse, had an amazing experience, superb 1 on 1 training with Tim and I will never go back to a regular gym" 

Ricardo E. - Personal Training Client​


"I have been working with Tim for a few weeks now and I have never felt better. Between the exercise and nutrition I have so much energy. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and you can see fitness is his passion. I had bad experiences with trainers in the past so I was a little skeptical but not anymore. I have been exercising for a long time and tried many different programs and I would highly recommend this studio to anyone!"

Jamie D. - Personal Training Client

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