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“I vow to never give up on myself because I am worth it. I have to remind myself to be patient since the pain is temporary. Every day I rise stronger and I am greater today for yesterday. This is my discipline this is ARFORSE.”

Personal Training


If you enjoy one-on-one fitness training with a personal trainer, then our private training studio is the program for you.  Our private personal training sessions are effective by incorporating the most up-to-date exercise methods. Whether you are looking to feel better, add muscle, improve your health, lose weight or sport specific, our one-on-one training program offers the tools necessary to reach and exceed all of your fitness goals. These sessions are scheduled for the times you choose, either morning, evenings, weekdays or weekends.  In order to assist you with the best personal training program, please come in for an assessment or book online an appointment with one of our trainers.

Group Training

Would you like to share your training sessions with your friend, spouse, partner, co-worker or other Arforse clients?  Working out with a partner is a popular new twist on personal training that offers fantastic results pushing you to train harder while creating accountability and camaraderie with your buddy.  Under the direction and coaching of one personal trainer we will customize a program to get you both in shape in no time. You and your buddy will share the 30 or 60 minute personalized training at a fraction of the cost. It’s a win/win situation….. So come on in and join us!

Youth Training


Youth Personal Training at Arforse provides kids and teens (Ages 7-17), a program with a personal trainer designed to improve overall health, coordination and balance, in a positive, non-intimidating, fun, and safe clean environment.


In addition we offer sport-specific training for young athletes desiring to gain speed, strength, agility, to give them the competitive edge they need in their sport. We offer 30 and 60 minute sessions and your first session is FREE, book an appointment today.

Online Personal Training Program


This is a world-class personalized training program with 100% customized workout plans designed for YOU and YOUR specific goals. You get ongoing physique assessments to target strength and weaknesses. Weekly email and phone consultation and progress updates. We also offer ongoing training and cardio updates with your program. We offer a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month plan. To learn more about our online personal training (also available VIRTUAL TRAINING) programs or to schedule a Free, no obligation consultation or to obtain more information please contact us today!


Online Nutrition Program


Our customized macro nutrition plan is designed to meet YOUR specific goals. A 3 day customized meal plan template, using your macros as a guide, will offer you more flexibility with the program. Weekly check-ins with your online coach and scheduled facetime check-ins also available. You will receive a questionnaire to complete and return to The information you provide will assist us in designing your plan. We offer 3 month, 6 month and 12 month plans. To learn more about our online nutrition programs or to schedule a Free, no obligation consultation or to obtain more information please contact us.